Genus - International Journal of Invertebrate Taxonomy


Only original works dealing with taxonomy, zoogeography and biology of invertebrates, as well as theoretical taxonomy, may be published in “Genus”. Please submit manuscripts in Word format. Text should be double-spaced, clear to read and free from deletions or corrections. The language of publication is English. The name and address (including e-mail) of the author as well as abstract and key words in English should be given below the complete title of the manuscript. Do format the text except Latin names for genera and species in italics. All the figures should be arranged into plates (column in “Genus” has 12x19 cm size and block of drawings should be have the same proportions); format for figures: black and white TIFF with LZW compression and 600-1200 dpi resolution), grey scale and colours - JPG of 300 dpi. All the figures should be numbered consecutively and named in sequence: author_title of paper_number of figure(s). Explanations of figures and tables should be taped on a separate page.

References should be arranged alphabetically (and chronologically if more than one work of a given author is cited):

· journals: Gressitt, J. L., Kimoto, S., 1963. The Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera) of China and Korea. Part 2. Pacific Ins. Monogr., 16: 301- 1026.

· books: Krantz, G. W., 1978. A Manual of Acarology. 2nd ed. Oregon State Univ. Book Stores, Corvalis: 509 pp + VIII.

References in the text should include the name of author of the cited work and the year of publishing (Brown & Smith 1998 if two authors; Smith et al. 1998 if more than two authors).

                Genus” adopts Appropriate Citation of Taxonomy in which author names of taxa automatically link to references and hence to citations. This procedure applies to all types of papers, except for checklists and catalogues.

                Colour images may be obtained by an author/institution at the rate of 40 Euro per page. 

                Authors are required to suggest 2-4 potential reviewers (name, affiliation and email address) for their manuscript. Every manuscript will be submitted to two experts for obligatory review. The reviews are anonymous. The editors will return manuscripts not corresponding to the instructions to authors without introductory review. Reviewing procedures stay in accordance with the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education guidelines.

No reprints are printed, authors receive a high resolution PDF copy. All papers are open-access, available on-line at: Printed version of the journal is a primary one.

            The editorial board requires authors to disclose contribution of individual authors to preparation of a publication (with a list of their affiliations) in detail, i.e. provide information on who is the author of concept, premises, methods, protocol etc. used in the publication. Main responsibility to disclose full information remains on author submitting manuscript.

                 Ghostwriting and “guest authorship are indication of scientific dishonesty and all cases will be exposed and adequate institutions will be informed (employers, scientific societies, scientific editors associations, etc.). Editorial board will document all indications of scientific dishonesty especially of violation of ethical principles followed in science.

All manuscripts should be submitted to:

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